Who doesn’t know what college is? It is a time of joy and high concentration before exams; it is time to find friends for life and discuss with demanding teachers. In other words, it is a time of contrast.

In everyday life, a student needs to study not just in college but to know how to manage routine situations. The internet has a lot of websites, especially for students to gain knowledge on different life aspects. In this post, we present valuable sources on various topics with collected answers on different questions to simplify college life. For such purposes, we categorized these sources for you to find useful information on the internet without effort.

Educational Websites

  1. Project Gutenberg

This online bookshelf is always behind you! On Project Gutenberg, you will find free eBooks on any subject. Even if this website is old-looking, you’ll find a lot more benefits that make up for this small drawback.

Everything from Project Gutenberg is completely free for readers. The service doesn’t require any fee or registration. The library contains over 60,000 free eBooks, and you can read them online or download them. Students will find the world’s literature here, with a focus on older works for which US copyright has expired. Thousands of volunteers accurately proofread the books and convert them to digital format.

  1. Payforwriting

Whether you visit public libraries or make an essay online, this service is an important source of writing inspiration for you where you can also hire someone to write an essay. The primary mission of Payforwriting is to educate and help students of any grade. One of the tools is a blog with free samples and helpful articles. Guides and topic ideas represented on this site will improve the quality of your writings. Read the Payforwriting review pages to see more benefits of this service.

Money Tracking and Saving Websites

  1. Wise Bread

When you’re a student and you are trying to manage with a small budget, Wise Bread is the right tool for you! Living large for a limited budget is possible. Read articles on tips about daily life and the economy and find out how to save money in the short term for making even big purchases such as a house and a car.

  1. Groupon

If you like a variety of activities and want to fulfill your life with more than just studying, a service like Groupon will totally benefit you! Sign up and get up to 70% off on almost anything in your city.

Daily deals such as fitness, spa, photo service, and lunch at a restaurant will satisfy you with affordable costs. Remember to treat yourself in the right way after your tiring exam preparation.

Exam Prep Websites

  1. Udemy

This is a comprehensive source of courseware where you can easily find tutors on the required discipline. Udemy is the online world’s largest educational site intended for students and professionals, developed in May 2010. Now, the platform has more than 50 million students and 57 thousand instructors teaching courses in over 65 languages. Customers have registered over 295 million times in different courses.

Udemy may work for you also as a source of extra income if you are outstanding in specific subjects. You can become a teacher like other top educators from around the world and educate millions of students at Udemy. This service allows you to teach what you love.

  1. Quizizz

Are you looking for a website that helps you to prepare for exams efficiently? Quizizz is exactly what you are looking for! On this website, you will find tests on such disciplines as world languages, arts, science, technical education, literature, mathematics, social studies, and many more.

Teachers may also use this service to create custom tests for any class. Explore your knowledge and improve it if needed with the online testing platform Quizizz.

Entertainment Websites

  1. TED

This platform is not only food for brains; it is a source that sparks creativity in its readers. TED works like an online journal where you can find information on any topic. Specialists in different fields share their knowledge in videos. This genre is also called “talks.”

Choose some interests among many items presented on this website and get notifications about new publications. TED is an excellent inspirational tool for students of any faculty.

  1. Poetry on Genius.com

Here students form a great community of poetry lovers. Extremely helpful English literature resources on Genius are annotated not only by amateurs but scholars as well. You will not forget how useful this site is for literary essay writing.


These valuable sources will reveal hidden possibilities and make students’ lives more adaptable. Use one or all of these websites for better understanding a subject and analyzing new information.


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