Some good tech news to start off 2023 as Intel officially introduces the 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors for fellow laptop users and gamers alike.

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As the 2nd generation of silicon chips runs the hybrid architecture, the efficiency ratio in terms of performance-per-watt has been further improved across the board thanks to higher core counts particularly in the Efficient (‘E’) cores department while the usual ever-slightly higher boost clocks and minimal increase in Performance (‘P’) cores are the main contributors for delivering more FPS in laptop gaming and faster processing times for productivity applications.

Intel took the chance and revealed all 4 categories of the HX, H, P, and U series of processors alongside their information for quick info dissection.

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First up, the HX series will be the monster-class flagship CPUs for hardcore gamers and heavy video editors since the very best i9-13980HX packs a total of 24 cores (8P+16E) inside it while capable of turboing up to 5.6GHz with the i9-13950HX and i9-13900HX catching on with 5.5GHz and 5.4GHz. Joining them would be the i7-13850HX running a weird 8P+12E configuration for a total of 20 cores while not adhering to the usual naming logic. These 4 SKUs will also be the ones running DDR5 RAM with the rest sticking to DDR4 according to the slide.

13th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor 2

The standard H and slightly better HK series are given the oh-so-familiar 45W base power so not much changes across the board in general as the core count is, again, capped at 14 cores and 20 threads at max. However, the fabrication maturity gave each SKU higher boost clocks that add as much as 400MHz when compared to last gen offerings.

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13th Gen Intel Core Mobile Processor 4

For the low and ultra-low power family of P and U series, no changes are explicit around here so just consider it as a modernization of the 12th gen with better power efficiency in daily usage which is key to delivering lithium-ion juice to laptops for a whole day without charging. The most interesting offering, however, is the U300 which is one tier lower than the i3-1305U for an even cheaper choice. Guess Team Blue isn’t going to waste any space on their silicon wafers any time soon.

Intel N Series 1

Some people might have read the news of Intel finally throwing the Pentium and Celeron class into the coffin once and for all and yes, the successor has come and it is the Intel N series comprising 4 SKUs at launch with all of them running purely E cores so these are actually reaching for the very bottom of the power consumption chart but some electronics do use them such as smart terminals.


OEM and partner brands have started to announce their own laptops for gaming, business, and content creation across the board running the 13th Gen Intel Core mobile processors.


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