Winamp – the famous music player from 1997 is finally going to be open source for everyone to recompile on their own and create more custom features for it.

In the most recent announcement made by Winamp on Twitter (that’s where I got this news), the legendary media player will be open source later this year on 24th September 2024.


There are a lot of benefits to have it going open source – like how we can port the legendary player into other operating systems and also to recompile the legendary interface to work with the latest features on the latest version of operating systems.

Many more features can also be changed or integrated – and potentially even making it work the way you like it.

I still wonder – most people are using streaming apps like Spotify or YouTube Music anyway, does these kinds of local music file players still have the allure they used to have? Personally, Winamp going open source is mostly just to preserve the nostalgia but I have personally changed to Foobar many years ago.


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