TEAMGROUP first teased its CARDEA LIQUID Water Cooling SSD back at COMPUTEX 2019 and it is probably the world’s first liquid-cooled SSD in the market even until today. This time, TEAMGROUP announced a new addition to the lineup with T-FORCE Coolant Kit CK5 and T-FORCE ARGB LED Uniform Strip which is specially designed for CARDEA LIQUID Water Cooling SSD and building an eye-catching PC of your own. T-FORCE Coolant Kit CK5 has five colors available at once upon release, so users can change the theme and style of the PC freely. T-FORCE ARGB LED Uniform Strip uses the 2020 LED bead which is more refined than 5050 ones on the market.

T-FORCE Coolant Kit CK5

The T-FORCE Coolant Kit CK5 uses anti-corrosion liquid which made in Taiwan to effectively prevent water-cooling equipment made of copper, aluminum, etc. from being corroded. It is also made by materials that can be naturally decomposed by organisms. The low conductivity’s material characteristic offers consumers a reliable quality with safety assurance. Coolant Kit CK5 has blue, red, green, fluorescent green and transparent, five base colors for users to mix and create an exclusive style for their PCs.

T-FORCE ARGB LED Uniform Strip

The flexible light strip material is of the T-FORCE ARGB LED Uniform Strip is roll-able and equipped with a magnetic light clip to allow consumers to decorate their space with various styles. Each LED light of ARGB Uniform Strip is a programmable and addressable separate module. Every light strip has up to 40 of 2020 ARGB LED beads that can present an intensive and even lighting effect through the lighting control software.

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