Synology has revealed the latest DiskStation NAS product in the form of the 4-bay DS423+ model.

Synology DiskStation DS423 1

Suitable for a wide variety of use cases, the DS423+ is capable of withholding 72TB of maximum capacity if you fill each of the HDD bays with 18TB drives. The internal DiskSation Manager (DSM) operating system utilizes the advanced Btrfs file system that reduces the possibility of data corruption via some smart snapshot technology in addition to 21% faster photo indexing over the last-gen models which could be the primary selling point for those who need to store images frequently.

Synology DiskStation DS423 2

The back of the unit also contains 2 M.2 NVMe slots that provide the creation of SSD storage volumes or be used for flash caching but regardless of which case, the low latency and high random I/O performance should do the trick when it comes to moving large single files such as video recordings and such. Power users will be able to use the full suite of Synology functions on it as well including Hybrid Share which combines cloud storage with on-premise devices, Active Backup Suite for off-site redundancy, or deploy the entire NAS as the storage of surveillance systems that supports ONVIF and over 8,300 validated IP cameras.


The Synology DiskSation DS423+ is available worldwide right now but contact your local representative for actual pricing and shipment options.


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