Singapore Changi Airport is stepping up its surveillance efficiency with the implementation of facial recognition technology & artificial intelligence data analytics within its new Multi-signal Surveillance Platform.

Multi-Signal Surveillance Platform

The Multi-Signal Surveillance Platform is developed by Certis Group, together with artificial intelligence firm Xjera Labs, as well as security firm Ademco. The platform will utilise both audio and visual data feeds in recognising threats. The pilot test is scheduled to start in the Q2 or Q3 of 2019.

Through the implementation of the sophisticated multi-layered neural network, the system is able to recognise individuals through the video feed with stunning accuracy and reliability. It is basically trained to behave very similarly to a human’s brain, having a dedicated neural network to identify specific attributes from the image, for instance, human face, actions and more.

This is unlike any other standard video surveillance that records video footage for evidence purposes. The multi-signal surveillance technology enables the automation of crime detection which indirectly increases the security of the airport at the same time reducing the need for manual monitoring of the video feeds. Besides, we have not factored in the possibility for AI to pre-empt a potential crime before it takes place through body language & behaviour analysis.

Close Collaboration with NVIDIA & IMDA Singapore

That goes without saying, in order to achieve such an amazing feat, Xjera Labs is working closely with NVIDIA and IMDA Singapore to use GPU in the development & deployment of the AI-based image and video analysis system. Even back in 2017, the company have already been using the NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs for their research and development of the system.

Now, while some conservatives might still be holding back on the idea of “God’s Eye” technology. However, facing the ever rampant occurrence of terror activities, Singapore as one of the safest city in the world, it is natural for the Changi International Airport to invest in artificial intelligence for its next-generation security system.


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