Razer has revealed a couple of peripherals that are aimed to improve the productivity of both desktop and laptop users alike, mainly through port expansion.

Razer Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock Chroma 2021 Render 01

Taken literally from its name, the Thunderbolt 4 Dock Chroma expands upon desktop connectivity, improves productivity while cutting down the need for additional ports and cables, whether if you are a Windows or Mac user. With 4 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, 3 USB Type-As, Ethernet, and UHS-II SD card reader slot, freely connect any legacy and modern devices into a single hub that just accepts anything. The 40Gbps bandwidth also enables the connection of up to 2 4K or 1 8K monitor, external SSD alongside 90W power delivery to keep your other device charged.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 2021 Render 1

On the other hand, the Laptop Stand Chroma V2 gets a few upgrades as well. While being a laptop stand, it also serves as a hub that hosts a USB-C dongle that connects to the back of the stand with HDMI, USB-As, USB-Cs (one with power delivery). This one is a fairly simple and straightforward product from Razer, although the Chroma RGB is not to be missed that lights up to complement your mood or personality.

Pricing and Availability

Currently, the Malaysia pricing has not been announced yet so we will be going through it by reference price which is USD329.99(~RM1343.27) for the Thunderbolt 4 Dock and USD199.99(~RM814.10) for the Laptop Stand.


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