Aiming for an ATX case? Here’s something that can make your wallet and PC happy. Introducing the ABKONCORE Cronos 650 – it’s a case that is priced at only RM165. With such a low price, is the case actually any good? Let’s have a look at it first.

Here we have a video to show you everything you need to know about the ABKONCORE Cronos 650, from its good to its bad.

As a short summary, the ABKONCORE Cronos 650 has an acrylic side panel that can’t really sit flush with the side panel and will have some air leak at the end part. This obviously can be fixed by adding some foam on the perimeter of the side panel.

Opening up the case reveals the clean interior with an adequate amount of space and has enough cable management holes for cables to pass through. From here, we can also see that there are two fan slots on the power supply shroud, supposedly for mounting fans and to light up the entire case.

Abkoncore Cronos 650

At the front is where we can see that the ABKONCORE Cronos 650 also comes a fully meshed front panel. It is untethered and can be removed by pulling it from the bottom, making it easy to clean.

Opening up the front panel also reveals the mount for a triple 120mm fans, and you can squeeze in a 360mm radiator at the front panel too.

Abkoncore Cronos 650

At the top is where you can find another mount which you can mount up to 280mm radiator. ABKONCORE also did a job by offsetting the top fan mounts away from the motherboard tray, creating clearance for the VRM heatsink on the motherboard.

Abkoncore Cronos 650

This is also where we’ll find the I/O panel, which consists of a USB 3.0 port, indicator LEDs, reset switch, power switch, audio jacks, and two more USB 2.0 ports. A pretty standard set of ports though I do wish for one more USB 3.0 port.

At the other side of the ABKONCORE Cronos 650 is where we can find two more 2.5-inch disk mounts and two more 3.5-inch HDD mounts. From here we can also see that there isn’t much space between the motherboard tray and the side panel, hence proper cable routing is important.

Overall, the ABKONCORE Cronos 650 is lightweight and has great airflow. For the price of RM165, it is definitely a case that we can recommend for those who want an affordable ATX case.

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