Usually, NVIDIA is always at the forefront when it comes to AI-related news, whether it is using big words to describe their latest release (well, sometimes it is legitly transformational) or there are too many industry-specific terms that you might not understand unless you’re working in the scene, but this time however, they are going full layman with the release of the new AI Decoded blog.

NVIDIA AI Decoded Series Blog

As we don’t want to rob too much of the spotlight from the official post, this URL basically hosts all the fundamental things that a complete stranger to the term “AI” can learn and understand the digital magic sauce of today’s age.

From a simple “What” and “How” aspect discussion that branches further down to examples and demos filled with videos, the blog post not only tackles the wonderous things large-scale corporates are capable of nowadays through cutting-edge solutions like digital twin and full-on robot simulation but also simple things that could exist or run within everyone’s home computers and laptops including RTX HDR, NVIDIA Broadcast, NVIDIA DLSS, and more, provided they are equipped with an RTX GPU.

Heck, even content creators who frequent production applications like the Adobe suite or alternatives like DaVinci Resolve, all of these already embraced generative AI to boost image or video production speeds never been matched before.

If you are also pretty new to AI, I suggest you start off with the blog post since you might get confused with all the “brand new” stuff getting released every other day.


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