NVIDIA has revealed that many modern games are adding RTX features in order to drive more performance out of the gamer’s cards while providing beautiful graphics at the same time.

May 2021 NVIDIA GeForce RTX DLSS Games

First up is the usual optimizations plus optimal GeForce Experience settings to the latest games in the market with Knockout City, Hood: Outlaws and Legends, Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition, Ranch Simulator, Resident Evil: Village, Total War: Rome Remastered, and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator getting the treatment this patch. Additionally, VR games are finally receiving DLSS technology to boost frame rates while generating crisp and beautiful visuals – all of these are especially important for VR titles to reduce motion sickness and a deeper dive into the wonderfully crafted game environment. The first 3 VR titles getting into the scene are No Man’s Sky, Wrench, and Into The Radius.

A lot of standard titles also implemented DLSS into their games as well and let’s take a look at them.

  • AMID EVIL: Added DLSS and ray tracing options with up to 2.7x more performance at 4K resolution
  • Aron’s Adventure: Utilizing Unreal Engine 4’s dedicated DLSS plugin, 60% performance gain is easily achievable and made 4K60FPS a reality
  • Everspace 2: DLSS enabling up to 80% increase in frame rates
  • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition: Up to  2 times more frame rates are promised through the special edition created to support RTX technologies
  • No Man’s Sky: 70% extra performance at 4K resolution
  • Redout: Space Assault: Newly added ray tracing options and DLSS
  • Scavengers: DLSS provides 40% overall performance gain
  • Wrench: Double the performance under 4K with DLSS and ray-traced graphics

To enjoy all of these, simply download the latest driver or have it automatically updated through GeForce Experience.


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