While we’re at Computex 2018, we saw one brand that appeared back into the market – and that’s VAIO. We haven’t seen the brand VAIO for quite some time, that’s because they we’re exclusively Japan-only for a few years. Now, the licensing partner of VAIO is NEXSTGO and they’re coming back to the market hard and strong with Notebook Pro & NEXSTGO opening of the brand store.

Located at Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya, all you need to do is go into Digital Mall via the big front entrance and immediately turn right. There, you can see the brand store right away.

Notebook Pro & NEXSTGO Opens Official Store For VAIO & AVITA

Entering the brand store you can see the new VAIO laptops – specifically the S11 and also the S13. These two laptops were launched earlier this year, and you can check out this post if you want to know more about its specs and prices.

NEXSTGO also owns the brand AVITA, which is a more lifestyle-centric brand with vivid color choices.

Other than that, NEXSTGO themselves also have laptops for sale, and they’re meant for those who just want a laptop to use. They’re really affordable too, by the way. Don’t expect them to be ultrathin or anything special, though.


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