Need something to take off the steam but you’re stuck rushing some last-minute urgent work? Loctek got you. Introducing the Loctek F216DBU office fitness chair.

Loctek F216DBU 2

Despite the design being quite unorthodox and funny, it actually provides a good sitting experience with the headrest and backrest made with mesh texture for heat ventilation. The 3D armrest adjustment allows the best angle for one’s arms while the back spine support encourages comfort yet proper posture in the office.

When it is time to move around, the gravity caster wheel can be tightened or released at will, be it time for a “workout” or moving the chair back in place.

Loctek F216DBU 5

The seat base, on the other hand, runs a wing shape that is kind of wavy which reportedly provides comfort for office or exercise purposes.

Funnily enough, Loctek is serious about you using this for exercise through the onboard digital display tracking workout time, calories burned, and cycling speed.

As for the frame, it is created to handle users weighing up to 100kg with sitting heights at about 53cm – 76cm.

Price and Availability

Courtesy of Fusion Tech Supply, you may buy the Loctek F216DBU on Shopee at the price of RM1,399 right now.


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