IT distribution company LinkAxia Networks has announced they are walking closer than ever with Barracuda Networks to enhance its product offerings and support services for Malaysian businesses.

LinkAxia Networks Barracuda Networks Partnership Cybersecurity Solutions

Through this partnership, LinkAxia will access Barracuda’s extensive range of email security, application security, cloud and data protection products, and more to form a better and stronger suite of advanced cybersecurity solutions that protect clients’ digital assets against sophisticated cyber threats.

Not only through offerings of solutions in B2B, they also see strategic collaboration as a way to create joint activities to raise awareness about the growing cyber threats and the necessity of advanced cybersecurity measures.

Just some facts and numbers though but data breach incidents in Malaysia have become alarmingly common. In 2023, the country recorded its highest number of data breach cases to date, with an average of 15 reported cases per week. The Personal Data Protection Department (PDPD) reported 130 cases by mid-2023, a significant increase from the 30 cases recorded throughout 2022, making this a 4x increase.

Even recent statistics as close as this year from CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) reported a total of 1,555 cybersecurity incidents just in the first three months, highlighting the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in Malaysia.

As such, the extended partnership allows Barracuda’s cybersecurity solutions – including web application firewall (WAF), email security, network security, data protection, cloud security solutions, application security, and more to be added to LinkAxia’s offerings and made directly available to Malaysian businesses. Both of them will also be in charge of providing bespoke technical support services and specialized training programs by local experts to address the unique cybersecurity requirements and challenges of Malaysian companies.

With it, ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyber threats are going to be less destructive or straight off warded away if the correct measures, training, and digital ethics are properly conducted.

Here are some words from LinkAxia Networks and Barracuda Networks’s leaders in regards to the announcement:

“There is a pressing need for Malaysia to take preventative measures to keep its cyberspace secure. Personal information is highly valuable, and if not safeguarded adequately, can lead to severe data breaches affecting millions. Our enhanced partnership with Barracuda is a proactive step towards addressing these concerns. By integrating a wider range of Barracuda’s security solutions into our portfolio, LinkAxia can now offer exceptional support and deliver significant improvements in security for our clients to be stronger together” – Eugene Tham, Country Manager LinkAxia Networks.

“Today’s announcement marks a significant step forward in enhancing cybersecurity resilience for Malaysian businesses. Both parties in this partnership are committed to continuing their efforts to innovate and provide the best possible cybersecurity measures, ensuring that businesses can operate securely and confidently in today’s digital landscape. Our immediate next steps include conducting joint enablement sessions for our partners, launching targeting marketing campaigns, and organising customer engagement activities to highlight the benefits of Barracuda’s security solutions. We are also focused on building a robust support infrastructure to ensure seamless implementation and ongoing support for our customers,” – Eugene Tham, Country Manager LinkAxia Networks.

“The extended partnership means that organisations of all sizes and sectors will be able to access a wider range of Barracuda products and services through LinkAxia, leveraging LinkAxia’s local experience and network alongside Barracuda’s industry-leading solutions.” James Forbes-May, Vice President Sales APAC at Barracuda Networks


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