Lenovo Malaysia has announced the arrival of the new ThinkStation P620 professional workstation equipped with the latest enthusiast chip from AMD.

Lenovo ThinkStation P620 2022

Now coming with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000WX-Series processor, the latest models packs up to 25% more performance compared to the previous generation to improve the lives of industrial users alike in addition to the new 24-core option for more selections down the line and greater flexibility when customizing the machine according to one’s need. Not only is the CPU a powerful one, but users can also opt for some great GPU horsepower since the system can be configured to host up to 2 NVIDIA RTX A6000 graphics cards, a maximum of 1TB RAM, and 20TB of storage in addition to other quality-of-life specs like 10GbE network port and Windows 11 support.

As such, the new Thinkstation P620 leads the charge as one of the tier 1 machines well-rounded enough to tackle everything from automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and architecture with improved load times, faster render process, smoother workflow navigation, and more.

Availability and Starting Price

The new Lenovo ThinkStation P620 will be available in the coming days with a starting price of RM9,999.


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