A business entrepreneur is always pressed for time. Daily tasks that repeat themselves can consume an excessive amount of time that could be better utilized elsewhere. To maximize productivity, it is beneficial to keep up with the latest technologies that can save time and assist in managing the numerous tasks that quickly fill up the day.

There is an overwhelming selection of business and productivity software, apps, and add-ons available. With so many choices to consider, it can be challenging to identify truly exceptional tech options. We will tell you about secret iPhone tricks and life hacks that allow you to save time on everyday tasks.

iPhone Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs

#1 Space Bar as a Cursor

To employ a useful iPhone messaging technique, simply press and hold your finger on a line of text for a magnified cursor, facilitating easier editing. However, this method diverts your attention from the keyboard and may require time to locate the desired position for cursor insertion.

For a faster and simpler alternative, hold the spacebar momentarily. The keyboard will disappear, and the cursor will lift from the text field. Effortlessly drag your thumb to relocate it. You’ll swiftly and easily find the ideal spot to drop the cursor, surpassing traditional methods.

#2 Create Settings Shortcuts

Control Center is the convenient screen that you access by swiping up, offering quick access to essential functions like activating your flashlight or switching your phone to airplane mode. Essentially, it’s your go-to for easily toggling your frequently used features.

What’s more, you have the freedom to personalize it to suit your needs! Simply tap on “Settings,” followed by “Control Center,” and then “Customize Controls.” The top section displays the shortcuts you currently have and allows you to remove any that aren’t frequently used. The bottom section shows additional features that you can add to your Control Center, such as a magnifying glass for reading materials, a QR code reader, a screen recording button, and more.

#3 Record Important Business Conversations

The value of recording a phone call on an iPhone is underestimated by many, especially entrepreneurs. When you enter into contracts, and create verbal agreements, you take risks. You may be misunderstood, the other person may backtrack, or you may simply forget important details. If you use the iPhone app to record calls, you won’t need to say everything 5-10 times to remember it. You just need to learn to record phone calls and you will be able to use your recordings at any time. The Call Recorder for iPhone app has the most convenient interface for both recording and playing back recordings.

#4 Keep Distractions to a Minimum

When it comes to emails, try checking them on the go. Instead of simply standing idle while waiting for your morning coffee, you could utilize that time by going through and responding to some messages. Additionally, keeping your phone in silent mode or offline while working will prevent social media or Skype from continually interrupting you. Another useful tool is Pocket, which allows you to postpone content for later.

If you find it difficult to follow these tactics daily, you may consider planning specific days during the week for implementing them. Think of these as your “airplane days.” Just as you would put your electronic devices in airplane mode while traveling, turning off all your devices and cutting connections can significantly boost your productivity. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more focused you can be when your attention isn’t constantly being diverted by your phone, tablet, and laptop.

#5 Get Siri to Read Your Emails

Siri comprehends simple commands such as “Read my email” and “Read my latest email.” She can also assist in locating messages when prompted with “Do I have an email from [name]?”

For those who frequently multitask, it may be worth enabling the feature that allows Siri to read all screens. Simply navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content > Speak Screen and activate the toggle button.

#6 Scan Documents with the Notes App

To utilize the iPhone camera as a powerful scanner, follow these steps: locate the Notes app icon but refrain from opening it. Press and hold the icon to reveal a menu with the “Scan Document” icon. Tap it. Now, take pictures of each page of your document to create a multi-page PDF. Save it for convenient sharing whenever needed by choosing “Scan Document” after pressing and holding the Notes app icon.

#7 Mark Up Your Photos

Perhaps you’re looking to share ideas with your designer for a poster you’re crafting, or relay important document changes to a freelance writer, or quickly update a presentation for your boss—all while traveling without computer access.

Simply utilize the “Markup” option in your Photos app to accomplish these tasks (access it by clicking the three-dot icon when selecting “Edit”). You’ll be able to draw on and annotate any saved photo or screenshot on your phone, making it incredibly convenient to visually convey your thoughts and suggestions while on the move.

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of your iPhone, you must reduce distractions from it. This is a good place to start and continue with productivity tools. Moreover, even small improvements in tasks that you perform every day 5-10 times will save you time. iPhone also helps take the pressure off of you by documenting and saving what you want. Start with the life hacks listed, and when you master them, you can add other ways to increase productivity.


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