Infineon Technologies just closed a deal with CapitaLand Investment and Hyundai Motor Groups separately to push the development of technological innovations further into the future.

Infineon Hyundai Motor Groups Partnership 1

For the first time in the company’s history, they are able to convince two industry titans to invest in Infineon Technologies to empower startups for delivering solutions to make life easier, safer and greener, particularly in terms of sustainability, future mobility, smart cities, and smart factory. For the collaboration with CapitaLand Investment, it is spearheaded by the group’s Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab to come up with solutions dedicated towards smart cities by catalyzing co-innovation communities and subsequently seed new market opportunities with Infineon taking the role of leading startups in the sectors of energy management and urban farming but both of them will be in charge of providing sustainability-themed engagements in the form of workshops, tech demos, and networking sessions.

On the other hand, Infineon’s partnership with Hyundai will be focusing on the latter’s specialty of automobiles, construction, logistics, and more by empowering startups with innovations for future mobility, smart cities, and smart factories with the shortlisted ones be offered the chance to join Infineon’s CoInnovation Space in Singapore. Despite starting off in Singapore, the company duo promises to expand the program towards the rest of the world to really bring futuristic technologies into fruition.

I guess we’ll need to wait a couple of years before we can see actual solutions coming out of these partnerships but looking by Infineon’s track record, it does sound pretty feasible and confident.


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