YouTube is not a social network, like Instagram or Facebook, but as a social media, it is often used even more than television to get news, various shows, streams of events, and everything in between. It is extremely popular not only for attracting sponsors to your channel and generating revenue this way but also by engaging in marketing that can help build your brand.

Since the basis of everything is producing content in the form of videos, it consumes the majority of your time that can’t be used as efficiently for managing accounts, filtering comments, monitoring subscribers, attracting more new viewers, or doing other things of that nature.

Many users that are dealing with bigger projects on YouTube and want to increase their viewers and sponsors base significantly, opt for automation tools. They are an essential part of any successful social media marketing and achieving great publicity.

How can you do that?


What is YouTube automation?

Social media automation software is designed for unburdening the users from easy, but very consuming tasks that must be done for growing your accounts.

It involves everyday tasks such as engagement with other users, monitoring and moderating comments and the overall situation of your channel, and optimizing your descriptions and names of the videos for search engines.

If you are working with more people and need to produce more content, you might need more than one account, and you can’t pay equal attention to each of them, so bots become handy for creating and managing these accounts where you need to pre-set what will happen and when, and the bots will do the tasks in due time.

But for those who seek to enlarge their base of viewers and set themselves on the path where more new users can come, they need bots for advertising and attracting viewers. This kind of automation is used to make fake viewers, commentators, likes, and subscriptions for your channel. Or to make your account subscribe to other channels, like other videos, comment under videos of different channels to attract more attention to your own.

These kinds of bots are more expensive, but more useful for marketing and popularizing your accounts. Here’s a great blog article that details all these matters and introduces the best automation software tools for YouTube that you might find useful.

Why would you need fake viewers, likes, etc.?

If you want real attention, you might ask why would you need fake attention? You need more real people watching your content so that they would appreciate your work and help you boost your popularity among others. Additionally, maybe you are selling something and want them to buy your product, or for your viewers to buy products from your sponsors.

Doesn’t paying for fake viewers contradict the whole idea? Not really.

Using fake popularity is not the end in itself. It’s just a temporary tool for attracting real users. The beginning might be harsh where you produce valuable content, but you can’t attract many people to watch it, therefore, not many will see these videos in their recommendations list.

You need to become popular if you want to attract more users. That’s where bots are helpful. They make you seem popular even though you are not. Other users can’t determine whether you are really popular or just imitating your popularity.

When they start watching your content and engaging more with your channel, you can get rid of using fake viewers. In the long run, you will not need them anymore.

Is automating YouTube accounts permissible?

YouTube, like most social media, is not very fond of using bots. They are usually carefully tracked and blocked.

Some automation tools, like VidIQ or Tube Buddy, are allowed on YouTube, so you will not get banned for using them. Only because these are for automating simple tasks and getting suggestions on your video descriptions or what content to produce next.

More difficult bots that are used to simulate your viewers, commentators, or subscribers, are strictly forbidden. Of course, it’s not a legal prohibition, that’s only YouTube’s Terms of Service. If you violate them, you will lose your access to the site. Any legal action is extremely unlikely to the point where it’s almost impossible.

If only your accounts would be blocked, you could bypass this ban by creating new ones. Although it would still already be detrimental because you would lose active accounts with the base of your viewers and already produced content.

A lot of times, the punishment is heavier. Your IP address gets blocked. That results in completely disabling your access to the site.

Changing the IP address for the automation

Withholding your identity from being exposed through your IP address is what makes you anonymous and lets you escape most of the traps that are set for bot users. That’s why changing your IP address is essential to any automation. YouTube is not an exception here.

Proxies are an irreplaceable tool for enhancing your bots. They are intermediary servers that give you lots of new IP addresses that cover your original IP address and let you surf the internet without exposing your identity.

None of its alternatives, like VPNs, can be as useful here because only proxies can provide a big variety of different IPs that rotate and leave no trace of your bot activity under a single IP address that could eventually be blocked. Since there’s no trace, there’s no need to block anything, and your bots can continue doing their job without risking getting caught which would cause you a lot of trouble.

Concluding thoughts

YouTube accounts can be automated by using bots that help both to automate annoying daily tasks and to boost your viewers’ base to the point where more real people are attracted to your content. Once you get on a railway, nobody can stop you. However, bots come with a price which is the risk of getting blocked. But that can be solved by using proxies that complete your automation to the fullest.


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