EZVIZ has revealed the latest addition to its outdoor security camera lineup which is the C8PF.

EZVIZ C8PF Featured

As one of the products that received the Good Design Award last year, it is recognized as the world’s 1st smart home camera with 8x mixed zoom capability powered by a 12mm telephoto + 2.8mm wide-angle lens that provides a clear and extended range of vision with superior zoom details. Using 4 infrared beams, image clarity can be maintained for up to 30 meters and for whatever footage is captured, the dual-lens implementation also made Picture-In-Picture a reality in the case of the C8PF.

As a smart CCTV, of course it can do some AI-powered shape detection that distinguishes humans from other things like pets and objects and the sensitivity of the algorithm can also be adjusted on the fly to minimize the occurrence of false alarm or give the little guy some regular rest through scheduled downtimes. As for durability, it is made to stand against multiple types of weather while delivering a 360-degree panoramic FOV or acting as the microphone and speakers towards any incoming visitors so you don’t need to install another system dedicated to that cause.

Equipped with 512GB of storage which is one of the single largest support capacities currently in the market, users will have no problem holding a large batch of security footage or going the extra mile to secure a CloudPlay subscription to upload all of them to EZVIZ’s cloud storage. No more lost evidence in case someone sneaked into your premises.

Pricing and Availability

The C8PF security camera can be purchased from RM449.00 at physical distributor stores across shopping malls nationwide, or online via EZVIZ’s official Shopee and Lazada e-stores.


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