Among all the laptop-filled announcements by Dell, a new monitor which is the Dell 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor has been revealed as well which is made for productivity use.

Dell 32 4K USB C Hub Monitor

At a size of 32-inch and fitted within a 3-sided narrow bezel, it is rated for 4K resolution to provide as much work estate as possible for office users by allowing multiple programs and documents to be opened at once without overlapping and wide-angles are achieved thanks to it being an IPS panel plus the 99% sRGB coverage means accurate color spaces – good news for visual content editors. Talking about productivity, this is where it shines the most. With a total of 4 USB-A Downstream ports and a USB-C capable of providing 65W of Power Delivery, it is plenty for even the most peripheral-heavy workloads. The DisplayPort 1.4 + HDMI 2.0 combo means that it will fit any modern system and the Ethernet port packs several Quality-of-Life functions such as MAC address pass-through, PXE boot, Wake-On-LAN with the Power Button capable of powering on compatible Dell laptops and desktops simultaneously with a press of a single button.

Pricing & Availability

The Dell 32 4K USB-C Hub Monitor will be made available around the end of May with a price tag of RM2,299. It is certainly expensive but the function it provides is quite nice in the long run and having minimal wire clutter could be the point someone is paying for this display.


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