Be it a PC enthusiasts, gamers or people in the creative industry, they’re all looking for responsive and fast performance from their system and storage drive is one of the crucial component that plays an important role in delivering the best possible performance.

High performance storage device, SSD especially, is definitely a way to go for if you need a blazing fast performance, but what stands in the way is non other than limitation in terms of capacity and cost. SSD for OS and HDD for storage in a system is a commonly used solution, but the choice HDD is debatable as always –  – will high performance HDD do any better than a mainstream HDD?

WD Black drives, Seagate Barracuda, Toshiba P300, etc are some of the widely known high performance HDD in the market and many of us is eager to know if the money that we’re planning to spend on it will be a worthy investment, since some would cost roughly 30 – 50% more over the mainstream choices.

We ran a series of test to verify the performance difference with a WD Blue 6TB drive, WD Black 6TB drive and an Intel 520 Series 240GB SSD, and the results of those test is populated graphs as below:

Choosing High Performance HDD Over Mainstream HDD - Is It Worth The Money? 1

Just to highlight again, performance HDD doesn’t comes cheap, as according to the current pricing for a WD Blue 6TB (RM989) and WD Black 6TB (RM1349) on Lazada.

Significant difference in terms of performance can be observed on the WD Black drive throughout our test, but that doesn’t means that it’s totally superior over the mainstream WD Blue drive as it is pretty much negligible if the drive is used ONLY for office work i.e processing document, checking emails.The group of people who will sure to benefit from it would be PC enthusiasts, gamers and people in the creative industry who is looking for a storage solution that offers the sweet spot for speed and capacity without having to break the bank with a high capacity SSD, given that a 1TB SSD would cost you almost the amount as a WD Black 6TB drive.


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