BOX Taipei is a new version of VAR LIVE, which is a large-scale theme park construction and physical store operation, and the development of VAR BOX, the world’s original VR mobile experience device.

BOX Taipei hope to offer a new option for urban leisure. Instantly play through the VR somatosensory entertainment experience and game screens, making friends more interactive. At the same time, the players use the “VAR LIVE APP” to check the real-time world ranking of their single-game results, which is both competitive and entertaining.


BOX Taipei‘s design style is based on technology and fashion, and emphasizes space comfort and penetration. You can see the joy of the player’s most instant experience of the game wherever you are. In addition, in response to the generation of community explosion, the exclusive live broadcast station was planned to allow the network celebrity, the streamer and even the VIPs to have an excellent stage to interact with the community.

BOX Taipei offers a variety of party dishes and drinks, and launches various e-sports and fresh and interesting theme days. Because of the development energy of VAR LIVE itself, there will be more new games to be added in the future, the purpose is to let players have different surprise experiences every time they visit.

BOX Taipei is the leader of the BOX brand to establish business bases in major cities. We believe that in the future, more BOX will be able to provide somatosensory sports and entertainment in the world.

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