ASUS has officially started the 2023 Wonderland Giveaway and invites everyone to come and enjoy the holiday season by getting some ROG stuff that is covered in snow white paint.

ASUS 2023 Wonderland Giveaway

With PC DIY parts like motherboards, GPUs, AIO coolers, PSUs, and more alongside the mobile powerhouse ROG Ally and ROG Phone 7, there’s a ton of stuff waiting for a new owner and the best thing is you don’t need to buy anything to participate!

How to join? Easy! Just head to the campaign site, hit the ‘Unwrap Your Giftbox’ button at the bottom, submit your name + email + location of residency, then you’ll find out what you will be “winning”.

I’m saying “winning” because you’ll need to share a bit of your thoughts and share the event on your SNS accounts, and then you’ll be notified IF you happen to win.

So this is basically your “Like and Share” to-win kind of thing but a bit personalized. There’s even more steps you can take for increased chance of winning.

In any case, BlessRNG to you all, and let us if you really win something next year.


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