Everyone is gaming these days. While it doesn’t appeal to all gamers, gaming through a portable tablet device is the preferred method for many people. In fact, people use their tablets for a variety of purposes, be it for streaming movies, reading reviews online, or accessing a plethora of gaming titles that are capable of fighting off any boredom.

One issue with a typical tablet gaming experience, though, is that it comes with a number of issues that can hinder certain virtual adventures. For example, without a controller, holding a tablet for a long gaming session can result in fatigue. Likewise, a stand might be needed to keep a tablet device firmly in place while you’re embarking on an epic mission. Some tablet gamers also have various issues with sound while gaming. These common problems, plus a range of others, won’t go away unless a gamer looks to give their tablet device a much-needed makeover.

Thankfully, in order to improve the gaming performance and the all-around package available through a tablet device, there are a number of gaming accessories that can be purchased to enhance a tablet and provide a more pleasurable gaming experience. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some solid gaming accessories for tablets.

Triggers come in handy for games like PUBG

In the same way we’ve seen the introduction of gaming smartphones with triggers that can be used during epic showdowns, triggers can also be added to tablets to add further improvements to your gaming sessions. There are plenty of solid trigger products out there, although the H11 Gamepad Controller is definitely one of the better options in this area. Ideal for shooters and a range of other games, these responsive and smooth triggers provide the ultimate gaming experience and will make succeeding on the battlefield a great deal easier.

Adding speakers is highly recommended

Sound can certainly make or break a gaming session. If you’re tackling a testing level with a big boss and you need to listen out to various noises, then it can be a huge annoyance if your tablet just isn’t delivering the clearest sound. Likewise, if you’re playing Aztec-themed games like Aztec Fire or enjoying an Irish gaming adventure through Gold Party and other games at McLuck, then good sound is a nice addition to the experience. Purchasing a Bluetooth speaker is therefore viable for many tablet gamers, with options like the Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth speaker standing out for many. It offers excellent bass, it’s waterproof in case you fancy gaming outside and it rains unexpectedly, the audio quality is clear, and it offers strong battery life which will cater for any gaming marathons you’ve got planned.

A controller makes a massive difference

muha ajjan uOOBQhUs1AA unsplash

As we’ve already touched on, holding a tablet for two hours while trying to navigate your way through an open-world masterpiece can become incredibly tiring and lead to aches and pains in your hands. In order to provide more comfort and essentially increase your chances of success in the process, purchasing a controller is highly recommended. There is an extensive selection of solid controllers out there, although we’re singling out the 8Bitdo Sn30 Pro, a product that feels similar to an Xbox and a Super Nintendo controller that offers around 16 hours of impressive battery life. Also capable of improving any gaming escapade that you’re aiming to smash through, adding a controller to your tablet gaming setup will make a massive difference.

Other accessories to consider include a joystick, a stand, a stylus pen, a portable charger, blue light-blocking glasses, noise-canceling headphones, and fiber thumb covers.


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