AMD today announced an update on the Ryzen processors for cryptocurrency mining, involving open-source cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). According to AMD, its Zen architecture with its high efficient cores and thread count paired with the fast and large L3 cache is currently on the lead in hash rate and efficiency altogether.

The slide above shows different rig solutions using AMD’s latest AM4 based mining boards enabling up to 6 GPU’s in parallel while Ryzen 5 and 7 CPU as an additional compute mining device. From AMD’s tests, the Ryzen CPU’s are running most efficient at 50-53% utilization. In terms of efficiency, the most of the Ryzen CPUs is capable of performing close to a RX 470’s but with half of the TDP. 
Current known miners that is capable of using a CPU as compute device includes:
  • Claymore miner v3.5 (Windows & Linux)
  • Wolf miner (Linux)
  • CCMiner (Linux)