They say that it’s the golden age for the job-seeker, with so many opportunities on the horizon and a growing number of industries experiencing unprecedented growth as we delve deeper into the digital age. App design is one profession that is attracting the eyes of many tech students and even working professionals looking to make a career change. And believe it or not, there has actually never been a better time to enter this tech field, with resources for app designers popping up across the web, as well as an influx of professional opportunities, ranging from in-house positions with established corporations and freelance or contract positions. As app designers work on a broad range of professional projects and across a diverse selection of industries, a career in this lucrative tech discipline can be quite exciting and enriching, alongside some other major selling points.

Here are just 5 reasons to get into app design today.

Evolving and future-proof

As technology advances and professional roles across all industries evolve to adapt to these innovations, ensuring that your career is future-proof has never been more critical. With the digital transformation of industries prompting more business owners across the globe to invest in the development of digital platforms like websites and company mobile apps, the role of an app designer is one that is not only future-proof but is at the face of the future of business and sets the pace for technological advances and trends. Simply put, if you want to be challenged within an ever-evolving role, then this is a career path that won’t be likely to disappoint.

The longevity and evergreen nature of app design and development as a fixture of the digital age, means you’ll be afforded plenty of employment opportunities for a long time to come. This freedom of possibilities isn’t something that all working professionals will be able to enjoy, especially with the rise of automation and its impacts on the job market as a whole.

Creative and technical

Few professional roles can claim to be both creative and technical in nature, but app designers will find this balance. A successful app designer has to have an eye for design thinking and user experience, along with the skill to support these design intentions through technical implementation.

It’s common to see app designers with a flair for one of these qualities over another, and this is perfectly natural, particularly because these skills are generally considered to be polar opposites of one another. This is yet another reason why app design is one of the tech sector’s most dynamic disciplines.

If you are a budding app designer who’s more proficient with programming over design thinking or vice versa, you can rest assured that professional development opportunities can help cultivate both of these skill sets faster than you may think possible, allowing you to become a stronger app designer with a portfolio to back up your capabilities.

Challenging and rewarding

App design is a challenging profession, there is little doubt about that. Developing highly complex pieces of software and engaging with coding languages alongside continuously engaging your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, can be enough to exhaust anyone when the clock strikes 5. But a challenging career can also provide high rewards as well.

Being at the forefront of app design, you’ll enjoy a challenge like few others, through responding to all of modern society’s most novel problems and providing innovative tech solutions. Evolving user demands present themselves as unique design and technical challenges that are enjoyable to solve. App design is truly a career that forges creation and tech into one aligned future.

Few careers offer you the gratification and reward of seeing your work enrich and even enhance the lives of others. With a career in app design, however, you can witness the impact of your creations virtually every day and in the most minute ways, as mobile apps support everyday users in an endless array of contexts. App design is the career to get into if you’re after a job that has a measurable impact on the lives of others, not just in an immediate sense but on an ongoing basis.


App designers are worth their weight in gold, especially those who have a strong and varied portfolio to their name. It’s common to see plenty of competition in the app design and development game, but thanks to the field’s passion for collaborative learning and resource sharing, this competition is in truth more a benefit than it is a disadvantage.

An innate drive to push yourself to be as good as you can be and exist as part of a community where you know your peers are only looking to do the same, can maintain a lot of passion for your craft and inspire plenty of highly motivated self-study. As an app designer yourself, you’ll also have the choice to work on a number of different projects, across industries and gain valuable experience, either as a lone contractor or as part of highly diverse remote teams.

Every project you take on and all the industry events you go to will naturally leave you feeling quite enriched and with increased motivation to find new ways to approach all the problems that come your way. In this sense, you’re not simply competing with your fellow peers, but also with yourself, measuring your progress against what you may not have been able to achieve a year ago.


Finally, as a tech speciality, app design can be done almost anywhere in the world, and often is. A career in app design offers professionals the chance to relocate anywhere they like, whilst still maintaining a consistent career.

Remote working and the flexibility that it brings is a real draw card for so many professionals in the world today. As app design and development projects can be completed remotely through utilising project management software and video conferencing, you won’t have to worry as much about basing yourself out of one office for the entirety of your career. You can work to live, and still love what you do all the while too!

As you can see, app design is an exciting career pathway offering benefits that few other professions can match. If you’re considering a career in app design but aren’t entirely sold on the idea, consider these 5 reasons above, alongside doing your own research into this lucrative field and the qualifications you may seek to attain as a budding tech professional.



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