Christmas is just around the corner and themed decoration is now everywhere be it at physical stores or websites. In order to make sure our audience and Facebook fans would feel the joy of the festive seasons as well, we have decided to put up some simple Christmas artworks. To get things started, we will be putting up a Facebook Page Cover and it couldn’t be any easier than using a preset design template. For me, since I don’t have any artistic sense, I would be looking for open source Adobe Photoshop templates. This route is definitely not for everyone unless they have an active subscription of the pricey Adobe CC suite. On top of that, open source templates are usually boring. Enter Fotor Online Photo Editor – a versatile online photo editing application that is powered by HTML5.

Fotor User Experience

We kick start the design process by looking through the available design templates. I mean, unless you’re extremely talented in making lines look interesting, otherwise, this is the simplest method to get things rolling. They have plenty of categories from photo cards to social media specific templates. The resolution has been optimised for their use case so you don’t have to worry about cropping or alignments.
We have chosen this template and start working on it. The online tool has plenty of preset materials for users to customise the design. Make Impressive Christmas Social Media Graphics with Fotor 1 It’s Christmas seasons and they have fitting stickers available for you to further decorate the artwork. It would be perfect to use on your own photos as well. These features are, of course, only available for Pro Plan users.
FOTOR In this case, we have uploaded our own logo artwork and position them in the template. The process is straightforward and there is even snapping guidelines to assist in positioning. After we’re done with the design and the artwork is ready to be exported. What I really like about this Fotor is the cloud saving ability, where all my previous works are saved in the cloud. No more fiddling around with USB flash drives or backups.
FOTOR There we have it, a cover image that is fitting of the Christmas spirit.

Final Words

Make Impressive Christmas Social Media Graphics with Fotor 3 Granted, it may not be as powerful as Adobe Photoshop or any desktop class image editor. It is not even meant to replace them altogether. What Fotor brings to the table is versatility. A user can work on graphic designs without having the need to installing the photo editor on their computer. Just fire up the browser and the web app is more than capable of handling all the user requests. Our experience with Fotor has been pleasant and it doesn’t take long until our new Facebook Page Cover is ready to be uploaded. If you’re not good in design or lack of the artistic sense, this kind of simple to use tool is extremely helpful.

Christmas Giveaway

Make Impressive Christmas Social Media Graphics with Fotor 5 On a side note, Fotor is now having a Christmas giveaway campaign where you could stand a chance to win prizes worth over $650, and an iPhone Xs. Head over to the mini-site to participate.

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