Intel has officially revealed the 14th Gen Core desktop processors, at least a portion of it, and they are the S-Series models (Or known as the unlocked models carrying the alphabet K).

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 1

These 14th Gen processors can be said as the “practical sequel” to the 13th Gen as they are not changing the architecture and foundation, and instead just expand upon the feature set and raw processing potential. So in short, a faster and greater version of an already good product.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 2

Leading the set is the i9-14900K with 24 cores of 8P+16E configuration and 32 threads followed by 32MB/36MB of L2 and L3 cache.

For the first time ever, the out-of-the-box boost clock can reach up to 6GHz for that superior single-core performance. Memory capacity-wise, it can support up to 192GB while the max TDP is still as toasty as ever at 253W.

Intel also gave more focus on the i7 and i5 tiers that offer more value and power in this generation.

In terms of PCIe-related topics, Thunderbolt 4 will be made available from the get-go while Thunderbolt 5 will arrive at a later date.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 8

The first wave of SKUs totals up to 6 entries but if you don’t mind knowing the full lineup’s name, then the list is pretty much everywhere on the Internet now.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 3

Aside from the usual higher P-core and E-core frequencies, Intel also wanted to make super high RAM speeds easily achievable via their XMP one-click profiles so they went and did that (But I guess the responsibilities are now on the RAM manufacturer’s side).

The thermal throttle limit is technically higher but how would current-gen coolers handle that is still an unknown.

Additionally, the new 3rd party OC tool built with Intel’s XTU SDK will theoretically help you achieve better OC results and perhaps be more intuitive to use than the standard XTU software.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 4

When pitting the i9-14900K against the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D, more than half of the test titles achieve better results with up to 23% higher numbers in Starfield and Metro Exodus.

But it seems like some of the competitive MOBA sensations DotA 2 and League of Legends are still favoring Team Red.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 5

Frame consistency-wise, Intel gets the W 5 out of the 6 times which means you’ll see less jittering and smoother transitions when panning across different angles and viewpoints in game.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 6

And for most people who aim for the “i7 is good enough” in their build, you’ll be surprised to find out the leap is quite noticeable (and definitely way ahead of the game if you put the 12 against the 14), especially if you use them in productivity apps.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors 7

Lastly, the CPUs themselves are compatible with AI accelerations across different types of tools and platforms, including Intel’s OpenVINO toolkit among other streaming and collaboration software in addition to creative and developer apps in the industry.


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