Welcome to the first entry of the Sun Cycle posting in weekly format for March 2023 we have nothing but a bunch of desktop chassis from Montech which I think you can grab one of them for your next build.

Montech AIR 100 ARGB and LITE

First, we have the AIR 100 series coming in flavors of the AIR 100 ARGB and AIR 100 LITE. Both units rock the mATX form factor for a smaller footprint without sacrificing much on the looks and cooling capabilities thanks to the dust-resistant mesh face plate and minimalistic design. Knowing from their names, the 100 ARGB comes with, well, RGB out of the box while the LITE aims for the “Less Light is Good” ideology. Both of them have open spaces of 360mm for the front, 280mm for the top, and 240mm on the inside for customizable fans and radiators.

MOntech AIR 1000 LITE and SILENT

Next up is the big brother AIR 1000 LITE and AIR 1000 SILENT coming in ATX sizes for the standardized gang. Looks and functional-wise, both of them are much closer to the AIR 100 LITE’s design for a less eye-catchy vibe that is suitable for both office and studio use. The SILENT model, on the other hand, replaces the front mesh face plate with a brushed metallic alternative instead for that super-modern aesthetic.

Montech Air X ARGB EATX

Need to be more chonky? Then the AIR X ARGB E-ATX packs all the goodies you need to be a big bad gamer with two 200mm fans on the front protected by a fine mesh plate and large cavity to fit on your liquid AIO coolers or even the RTX 4090 if you wanted to. It also comes with a dedicated RGB hub pre-connected to all the fans for a quick build process.

Montech Sky Two ATX

For those aiming for absolute clarity in their build, one can’t miss out on the Sky Two ATX case since the front and side panels are completely transparent, allowing great viewing angles, especially for showcases. Without ruining the ability to let air flow, the pre-installed fans are good to tackle some of your higher-than-average tiers of PC components.

Montech X2 MESH and X3 MESH

The last series is the X MESH series containing the X2 MESH ATX and X3 MESH ATX which is just different sizes of the same thing. The X2 can host two 140mm fans on the front while the X3 does three in addition to another two on the top but none for the X2. Other than that, both of them are identical such as the Panoramic Tempered Glass side panel, zero drill hole design, and a simple RGB (not addressable though) setup.

Price and Availability

These Montech PC cases are up and about in the market right now at the following price across different retailers and online merchants:

  • AIR 100 ARGB MATX @ RM219 (Black) / RM235 (White)
  • AIR 100 LITE MATX @ RM169 (Black) / RM185 (White)
  • AIR 1000 LITE ATX @ RM209 (Black) / RM225 (White)
  • AIR 1000 SILENT ATX @ RM209 (Black)
  • AIR X ARGB E-ATX @ RM259 (Black) / RM275 (White)
  • Sky Two ATX @ RM365 (Black)
  • X2 MESH ATX @ RM175
  • X3 MESH ATX – Price TBA

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