It’s easy to see your phone as a device that simply offers ways to procrastinate, but that might just be more about the ways it’s often used. There are many options available here to turn it into a motivational tool – something that can encourage productivity in various areas.

Breaking your habits and changing the way you think about it can help you to use it in more productive ways, even if these are only slight deviations. It might even be the small difference that makes it easier to make a larger lifestyle shift that you’ve always wanted.

The Reward System

If that lifestyle shift is something like including more exercise into your schedule, you might find it difficult to start. This can often be the most challenging aspect – regularly encouraging yourself to go for a run or go to the gym when it feels like a huge effort. Until you get to the point where it feels like a natural part of your schedule, you might need some encouragement – the trick is finding something that doesn’t undo the work that you’re hoping this will accomplish. Your phone, then, can provide some solutions.

After you return from some exercise, unwinding with YouTube videos, some social media scrolling, or even just an online casino Francais can feel like a reward for your hard work.

Music to Work to

The method of going about this that most people might be more familiar with could be simply listening to music while you work. This doesn’t seem like anything special or groundbreaking – the idea of playlists that help you to work or even genres that are better suited towards work are regular topics of discussion online. However, it’s about finding your own groove.

You might have a good idea of which songs and genres help you to work the most effectively, but resorting to these time and time again might not take your own shifting mood into account. For example, is house music always going to be what you want to hear first thing after waking up? Identifying how different moods affect your taste in music can help you get a variety of playlists ready to go.

Dedicated Apps

You likely aren’t the first person who has had this idea, however, and that means that there are apps and services that you can use to pursue it. Some of these might be focused on restricting the amount of time you spend scrolling – such as how you can put timers on various apps through your settings. However, it could also be that the focus is on better categorizing and organizing your time to allow for a more productive schedule.

At first, it might not seem natural to operate your time in a way that feels so different. However, after taking some time to settle into it and use the app of your choice to get into new habits, you might find you don’t need it as much as you once did.


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