Most of us are always looking for the best bang for buck for everything and when I was handed this small box I was told that this is one such item; a good sounding pair of speakers at a ridiculously low price at only RM25 (SRP). Yes, I agree that it sounds too good to be true, which is why we’re here to find out how good the SonicGear Quatro 2 are. Big thanks to the folks at Leap Frog Global for providing the sample, let’s get unboxing.


The Quatro 2 comes in a white box that’s no larger than two cans of baked beans; up on the front is the product name and logo as well as a large image of the speaker unit. Some highlights of the features is also here with one of it being “quad bass”, now we know the logic behind the naming scheme.

At the back are studio shots of the Quatro 2 speakers with more highlighting of the features and all the awards won by Sonic Gear is also shown at the bottom.

The right side shows the in-line controller and a list of the features as well as contents.

The right side doesn’t tell much, just the Sonic Gear logo and another image of the speaker unit.

The warranty seal is at the bottom along with a handy QR code for registering.

And the top is a simple and direct indication of the brand and product name.

The Speakers

Emptying the contents of the box, you will get the speakers wrapped in clear plastic, and that’s it. No documentation manual, users guide or stickers, just the Quatro 2 speaker system.

The Quatro 2 looks good with simple styling and matching colour accents on both speakers and the in-line volume controller. If red is not your colour, Sonic Gear has a few choices available such as Green which found it’s way to one of our good friend’s hands, You can view his article here.Construction overall is plastic but solid enough not to be flimsy. The bass drivers at the side is as large as the main drivers in front which looks promising. I do wonder why didn’t they place any protective guard over the main drivers as they did on the bass.

The underside featured two large strips of rubber feet so that the speakers doesn’t slide around and at the back is a simple Sonic Gear Branding.

The in-line volume controller is hard-wired to the speaker system and does just what it is intended to do. The Quatro 2 powers up with a single USB plug while audio signal is fed through a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

No fancy lighting on the Quatro 2, just a single tiny LED at the in-line volume controller to indicate that it’s receiving power.


I plugged the Quatro 2 into my Asus Xonar DGX sound card and started the test with some songs in my collection. The sound is decently good with clear vocals and some degree of separation. Firing up some games like Battlefield 4, I could make up the direction the shots are fired from and music from Sim City is clear and enjoyable. There was some bass in all tests but I was kinda expecting more from the Quatro 2 because of the four dedicated bass drivers advertised by Sonic Gear.

Don’t get me wrong though, the Quatro 2 will be a great upgrade to any laptop speakers, which is it’s intended use as the USB power input and small size of the speakers grants it mobility compared to a normal PC speaker system. At RM25, you couldn’t be complaining much at all.


The Quatro 2 looks good, sounds decent solidly built and is ridiculously cheap. The overall package just makes it worthy of the recommended badge. It would’ve gotten a silver as well if the bass were a little more powerful since it does have four bass drivers.


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