A little while ago, TEAMGROUP has announced its creator brand T-CREATE at an online product reveal live stream. While there are 3 tiers available namely CLASSIC, EXPERT, and MASTER models, the first that becomes available to the global market will be the DDR4 RAM in the CLASSIC lineup, the T-CREATE CLASSIC 10L.


As the first 32GB single stick creator memory module, the matte silver design is accompanied by an industrial-class 10-layer board to guard against interference and noise. Packed within is a cluster of customized capacitors capable of withstanding high temperatures while maintaining a stable output voltage to produce frequency up to 3200MHz.

To give creators peace of mind to unleash their creativity without hindrance, the strong performance and quality come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty as well.

Thanks to the hard work contributed to its R&D, it managed to win the Japanese GOOD DESIGN Award which is 1 of the 4 most prestigious design awards in the world. Standing out from the rest of the 4,769 entries, it pretty much says it out loud that it will be the best partner to audiovisual professionals supporting their road of creating art through guaranteed hardware performance and clean aesthetics.

As for pricing and availability, it will take a while for stocks to reach Malaysia so in the meantime, look up its full information here if you are interested in getting it.


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