Synology has unveiled the next phase and vision for the brand that includes the next evolution of its on-premises and cloud solutions that highlights both hardware and software categories to provide substantial improvements towards the user experience, reliability, and scalability.

Synology 2022 AND BEYOND

For on-premise solutions, the new DSM 7.1 is now better than ever with improved file sharing performance and convenience by adding support for DFS and SML multichannel and multi-site businesses can utilize the Hybrid Share function supported by C2 Storage to reduce bandwidth constraints and make the entire network more relax and simpler and by integrating Synology Drive with a new mobile app within a collaborative working environment, remote teams can gain complete access to their data whenever they are. On the other hand, system admins will definitely like the new Hyper Backup function added within the Active Insight feature that ensures each and every monitored device is backing up data while Virtual DSM deployment in MailPlus and Active Backup for Business is aimed to reduce operational complexities from the get-go.

In terms of monitoring offerings, the Surveillance Station 9.0 now sports a refined user interface with the new Monitor Center now highlighting important feeds with convenient playback controls and alerts to provide a better response towards the user. Cameras and associated settings can now be imported, copied, and deployed towards hundreds of them too. Thanks to improvements made towards the Central Management System, many QOL updates have also been added including devices that can now be updated with more flexibility, simultaneous dual recording, HTTPS/SRTP support, and more. As such, the DVA1622 NVR utilizes AI-powered surveillance powered to perform face recognition and people counting even for small-scale deployments while the Synology C2 Surveillance service which is a new guy on the list, simultaneously and securely records footages toward the C2 Cloud directly.

Connectivity-wise, the appointed SRM 1.3 and the Wi-Fi 6 Synology RT6600ax router introduces faster networking alongside expanded network management capabilities where full VLAN support is now added and the flagship RT6600ax tri-band router is one of the very first that runs on the 5.9GHz spectrum. A redesigned DS router app mobilizes almost all of the SRM functions directly into smartphones so that users can create new wireless networks, configure parental control or web filtering, set traffic control schemes, and more in just a few taps away.


During Q1 of 2022, the DSM 7.1 and Surveillance Station 9.0 will enter public preview phases by allowing most people to gain access to the new version while the SRM 1.3 will debut on the RT6600ax router within the same quarter. On the other hand, the RT2600ac and MR2200ac will be added during Q2.


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