A quieter week compared to the last, Sun Cycle has announced only 2 items that they will be bringing into Malaysia which are an AIO cooler and power supply unit.

Fractal Design Lumen

Fractal Design is always known for its play on aesthetics first then performance next kind of business strategy and the latest Lumen series AIO cooler obviously continues that tradition. The entire unit consists of 6 ARGB LEDs that you can control directly from the motherboard via software and will you look at the CPU block. Just a blob of rainbow and no other weird combinations, literally just colors. 3 sizes are available which are S24 (240mm), S28 (280mm) and S36 (360mm).

Leadex SE Platinum

For the PSU, the well-known butterfly logo Super Flower’s latest highly efficient and powerful PC juice box is all about performance. Aside from the big 80 PLUS Platinum rating, the 14cm cooling fan is what taking off the heat generated by the extreme load and power draw from the transformer and capacitors. With 3 available wattages, it will serve all sorts of professional equipment and/or setup or just any high-tier gaming rig in general.

Pricing and Availability

The Fractal Design Lumen’s pricing has not been finalized yet but the Leadex SE Platinum is officially available at RM999 for the 1200W model. Unfortunately, the 850W and 1000W variants are not yet available but at least enthusiast builds can go ham on their build and run all sorts of crazy components with that amount of wattage.


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