Singtel has announced a collaboration effort with Microsoft to roll out multi-access edge computing services in Singapore.

Singtel x Microsoft x NVIDIA 5G Partnership

Through this new initiative, Singtel will run said multi-access edge computing services through the ultra-fast, low-latency 5G network capable of moving traffic and services ever so close to customers, ultimately leading to lower operating costs and improved experience.

Currently, they are rolling outer enterprise 5G and MEC across places like ports and airports alongside other locations covering the business sectors of public safety, urban planning, healthcare, banking, civil service, transportation, and logistics.

The SaaS-based model provides users with flexible plans via Microsoft Azure through a “Pay As You Use” plan for zero operational overhead cost. On the other hand, Singtel will be working with Team Green’s partner in NVIDIA Inception offering startups go-to-market support, expertise, and technology such as the Jetson Orin module for edge AI and robotics use.

With contextual AI being the hottest thing in 2023, they are also working on an LLM-powered virtual avatar created by system integrator Quantiphi and based on NVIDIA Omniverse digital twin technology revealed just yesterday. Made with NVIDIA Riva speech AI and NeMo Megatron transformer model, every topic of interest can be conducted in natural language – jargon and technical terms aren’t necessary.

All of these are used to unlock greater potential not only in Singapore but other countries and affiliated telcos as well to provide stronger revenue streams, enhanced customer experiences, and optimized operational efficiencies.


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