Content creators around the world have met new sets of challenges where they need to adopt changes to the way of expression of ideas and execution of their workflow. Needless to say, mobile products with high performance is always a priority for them as content creation will always involve video editing and graphic design. But, the tug of war between power and portability has always been a hard scale to balance around, until AMD gave them the answer they are seeking: Ryzen 4000 series Mobile APU.

The latest laptop-class offering from Team Red has made quite a fuss not only in the gaming laptop market with the H-series lineup, but also general consumer-grade and ultra-light notebooks with U-labeled chips. The latter is especially popular due to its considerable boost clocks, Zen 2 cores, and thread count at just a mere 15W TDP for the 4800U. Multi-threaded applications utilize a high amount of threads to process workload such as Adobe Premiere Pro recently got an update that supports hardware-accelerated encoding support for the H.264 and HEVC formats for AMD GPUs on Windows.

This update uses AMD AMF (Advanced Media Framework) multimedia processing technology to speed up video encoding on systems with any AMD GPU, including the AMD Radeon Graphics built into every AMD Ryzen U-Series mobile processor. Yes, you may now even render video on your business class ultrathin notebooks if you wish to. Results from exporting a 4-minute  Apple ProRes 4444 4K 60p QuickTime video clip to the Premiere Pro H.264 4K also showed how big of a factor GPU encoder is when it is enabled in Adobe Premiere Pro. Take a look at the results below.

Adobe Premiere Pro results by Ryzen 4000 Mobile Processors

Of course, if you want more powerful configurations that match desktop-caliber horsepower such as a 4000 H series processor with a discreet AMD GPU, they are also applicable for the update as well. Meanwhile, AMD is not here to bound these powerful processors as high-tier only features but even mid-tier Ryzen 5 4500U chips are beneficial too. If you need power and portability on a budget, you need to pay attention to these CPU models when buying your next laptop.


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