REDMAGIC Malaysia has launched several peripherals for both the PC and mobile sections so that gamers on any side can grab some and start the “real” gaming.

REDMAGIC Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Mouse

For the PC guys, the Mechanical Keyboard is an 1800-layout hot-swappable board equipped with TTC Speed Silver V2 switches with reduced travel for faster actuation that can help you turn around a fight. Utilizing a gasket mounting structure, it is comfortable to type and game on. The 1.47-inch Cloud Smart Touch Screen on the top right can be configured to show various types of things such as system utilization, quick access to functions, adjusting RGBs, and more. It also supports Tri-Mode connectivity and is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery.

For the Gaming Mouse, it packs a PixArt PAW3395 Sensor and GM8.0 Black Mamba Micro Switch combo for accurate tracking and snappy clicks with high durability. The DPI range can go from 50 to 26000 and it also supports Tri-Mode connections with up to 100 hours of wireless use while weighing in at just 75g.

REDMAGIC Shadow Blade GamePad Magic Sound Earphone

As for the Shadow Blade Gamepad, it can help elevate your mobile experience through the Hall Linear Triggers that is more linear, accurate, and comfortable while the semi-transparent design goes well in any phone as it can be stretched to lengths of 110mm-179mm.

The Magic Sound Earphones, on the other hand, utilize a 14.2mm sound driver to produce strong bass and loud audio packed in a metallic yet ergonomic design. Its USB-C port connectivity means that it can be used in phones without the 3.5mm port. Don’t need to worry about Bluetooth latency though!

REDMAGIC Cooler 4 Magnetic and Normal

There are also the Cooler 4 Magnetic and Cooler 4 back-attach accessories that can help you chill down the phone to avoid thermal throttling or toasting your fingertips. The former can just latch onto the back of your phone while the latter needs to be fitted and clipped properly. The magnetic model can provide up to 20W of cooling while the clip model handles at about 15W just fine.

Price and Availability

All of the items in this post are priced as follows. Bracketed numbers are the First Sale promotion price available for tomorrow only.

  • Mechanical Keyboard @ RM999 (RM764)
  • Gaming Mouse @ RM499 (RM374)
  • Shadow Blade Gamepad @ RM499 (RM374)
  • Cooler 4 Magnetic @ RM169 (RM141)
  • Cooler 4 @ RM109 (RM84)
  • Magic Sound Earphones @ RM99 (RM74)

Everything is on Lazada exclusively and be sure to enjoy those discounted prices.


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