Razer has announced the availability of Razer Cynosa V2 gaming keyboard, the successor to the popular Cynosa Chroma beloved by gamers who craved the old-school membrane switch for its thick feedback and RGB goodness on a budget.

Razer Cynosa V2

According to The NPG Group, U.S Retail Tracking Service the Cynosa Chroma was the best selling membrane keyboard in the United States, therefore, it wasn’t surprising to see an improved and refreshed version of it just after 2 years of its prior release as Razer isn’t exactly the type to invest heavily into its entry-level section unless there is a demand for it.

Cynosa V2 2020 Media Keys

Compared to the Cynosa Chroma Pro, the media keys have been separated from the secondary row accessed through the FN key to dedicated buttons on the top right corner. Instant access to the Back, Next, Play/Pause, Mute and Volume options are pretty much the defacto feature of a decent gaming keyboard these days and you don’t need to waste hotkeys on your mouse for these functions too.

Cynosa V2 2020 Programmable Macro

The keyboard also comes with Razer Hypershift integration which means all the keys are fully programmable and support macro as well for you to automate long lines of phrases with just a single click. Sounds pretty useful for all the Twitch viewers out there emote spamming all day in their favorite stream chat.

Cynosa V2 2020 Cable Routing

For the perfectionist and OCD gamers, the Razer Cynosa V2 will allow you to route its cables properly and hide them for showing off the cleanest setup possible. Apparently, it also comes with a basic level of water resistance so you won’t need to worry much if you accidentally spill a bit of water into the poor guy. Meanwhile, the good-old RGB friend is here to stay too.

The Razer Cynosa V2 is slated to hop into our market on July 27 at only RM269.

Check out the full details of the keyboard here.


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