After the recent release of the Transcendent Job Classes, the 6 finalist guilds for Ragnarok MSP Championship 2019 will have the first taste of the fierce competition based on a point system. RMSPC 2019 6 Finalist Guilds

The finalists will be divided into 2 groups with 3 guilds occupying each side of the competition and each war will see 10 players from both guilds fighting in a Round Robin format and 3 rounds per match. Each victory will incur points to the winner and the highest points from each group will proceed to the Final Round.

Ragnarok MSP Championship 2019 Show Match Scoring Table

Although only being a Show Match, it does affect the overall circuit because the winner and the 1st runner-up will have the advantage to choose which group to belong in the final stage of RMSPC 2019.

See the full details of the RMSPC 2019 Show Match through this link.

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