Fan-favorite gamer drink Mountain Dew is expanding upon the e-sport scene by announcing a new PUBG Mobile tournament and several events both inside and outside of the game.

Mountain Dew PUBG Mobile

With a total prize pool of RM200,000, PUBG Mobile Dew Challenge invites all rising stars in Malaysia and Singapore to take their first step into the amateur league of the professional scene. Supporting fans can also involve themselves in the collaboration by purchasing specific Mountain Dew products and get special rewards such as in-game items and currencies. The prize pool is sliced up into the following shares:

  • Champion: RM100,000
  • 1st Runner-up: RM50,000
  • 2nd Runner-up: RM29,000
  • Other placements: RM21,000 in total

Back in 2017, the company behind the brand PepsiCo has hosted several Dota 2 tournaments with much success. Building from a great portfolio, the PUBG Mobile scene is going to be pretty good, to be honest.

The tournament is already accepting registration at the moment which will end on January 8 while the online qualifiers will begin on December 22 all the way up until January 15. Time to brush up your skills, call up the gang, hone your communication skills, and pave the way to the ultimate chicken dinner. Meanwhile, the Facebook page hosts all the necessary information such as the special batch of labeled products and associated in-game rewards.


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