PICO Malaysia has announced that they are dropping the price of its Neo 3 Link VR headset by RM500 in order to attract more people into the VR world.

PICO Neo 3 Link 1

Even though PICO has really made a scene last year thanks to the debut of the PICO 4, other options such as the Neo 3 Link may seem a little less “valuable” due to its pricing. But now after the pricing adjustment, it is now officially RM1,099 from RM1,599. While there are past events where it is as low as RM999 but those are temporary promotions and instead, the RM1,099 is a permanent drop.

PICO Fit For Feast

Additionally, the promotion goes hand in hand with the Fit For Feast bundle where every purchase of the PICO 4 and Neo 3 Link is given access to 6 new titles in addition to the base Starter Pack and those 6 games are All-in-One Sports VR, After the Fall, Cities VR, Arizona Sunshine, Down the Rabbit Hole, and Oh Shape.

Be quick though as the promotion is only available this month and on the brand’s LazadaShopee, and TikTok Shop.


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