Philips has announced they are adding a whole bunch of new USB-C monitors with all sorts of “mix and match” options for professionals to pick the one that matches their preference the best.

Philips USB C Monitors

Through this announcement, the brand also officially segments the lineup into 4 distinct categories, namely the Pro Docking (TB + USB-C), USB-C Docking, USB-C Plus, and USB-C. We’ll lightly go through each category’s unique points.

First, the Pro Docking as its name suggests, supports both Thunderbolt 4 and USB-C connection for super high-speed file transfer dedicated to graphic artists, video editors, and digital designer workers. Enabled by daisy-chaining upwards of 5 devices, the monitor aims to keep your setup clean while ensuring every device gets all the bandwidth it needs.

It also comes with USB PD 100W charging for juicing up laptops and whatnot as well as 4x USB hub extensions for connecting even more peripherals. Models within this category also come with Windows Hello-compatible 5MP webcam with physical shutter and built-in speaker+microphone.

As for USB-C Docking, it removes Thunderbolt 4 support so I guess this will be okay and acceptable for AMD-based systems while the PD wattage is down from 100W to 65W but other features stay the same – Daisy Chaining, 4x USB extension, and 1GbE.

Moving over to USB-C Plus, included models will have 2x USB-C plus PD 65W so definitely still usable for charging laptops/smartphones at reasonably fast speeds. I personally would take this at the minimum.

Lastly, the simplest USB-C comes with a USB-C port and USB PD 15W. Those with minimal requirements or lacking budget will find this category the most accessible.

And to wrap everything up, here’s the full model list for all the categories.

Pro Docking

USB-C DockingUSB-C Plus


49B2U6903CH, 34B2U6603CH, 27B2U6903, 40B1U6903CH, 49B2U5900CH, 34B2U5600C, 34B1U5600CH, 27B1U5601H, 24B1U5301H

273S1, 243S127E1N1900AE, 27E1N1600AE, 27E1N1300AE, 24E1N1300AE, 27E1N1300A, 24E1N1300A

273E1EW, 243E1EW, 16B1P3302, 16B1P3302D, 16B1P3300



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