NVIDIA has announced 4 new titles have joined the DLSS army alongside a new map dedicated to Fortnite fans.

Out of the 4 titles, 1 of them is the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that just received RTX feature and optimization through the GeForce Game Ready driver 2 weeks ago while the other 3 games are War Thunder, Enlisted and Ready or Not. Each title has varying levels of improvement, with Ready or Not taking the lead at a 120% increase in performance.

For the Fortnite gamers, a new map created by Shride and Pimit “RTX Deathrun” is now available for all users simply by accessing creative mode with the map code 2623-0157-9251. Featuring various RTX features separated into the specific environment, gamers are challenged to complete the death run as fast as they can while enjoying the immersive experience powered by NVIDIA’s ray tracing technology.


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