NVIDIA’s high-performance DGX system that traditionally used by multi-billion companies to run their businesses is hopping toward the sky through the introduction of the NVIDIA DGX Cloud service.


The latest “as-a-service” offering from Team Green will provide dedicated clusters of the NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing together with the in-house AI software to anyone with a much better affordability since they only need to access the service online while not bothered with the complexity of setting everything on-site. The DGX Cloud will be made available across different partners starting with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure which provides a purpose-built RDMA network, bare-metal computing, and high-performance local and block storage that can scale to superclusters of over 32,000 GPUs. Business buddies Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud will be joining at a later date.

In general, any enterprise will be able to harness the power of DGX Cloud clusters on a monthly basis which can help them easily scale the development of large, multi-node training workloads without having to invest any overhead into the technology. The best thing of all, a simple internet browser is the only thing a user need for superior digital computing.

So anyone can train their chatbot and just pay as they use now I guess.


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