The banking industry has witnessed a new collaboration in the works because Deutsche Bank revealed that they are adopting NVIDIA’s AI and machine learning platform for future growth potential.

NVIDIA AI Deutsche Bank

Revealed after months of testing to explore possible use cases that can help the bank strategically to 2025 and beyond, the Frankfurt-based organization is one of the leading global investment parties with more than 80,000 employees across 58 countries worldwide. By supercharging the bank’s daily operation with AI acceleration through the cloud, they will be able to develop new data-driven products and services with improved efficiency in addition to opening up more working opportunities for professionals and talents.

Deutsche Bank has identified several factors that will help them benefit from NVIDIA’s range of AI applications:

  • Risk Management – Delivering real-time results that are accurate with lowered costs by as much as 80%, highly scalable grid farms for scenario simulation to evaluate risk and return, price discovery, and model backtesting
  • Personalized Customer Service – 3D virtual avatars representing both employees and clients for improved engagement in both inter and intra deployment
  • Turning Unstructured Data into Information – Extracting critical information to get ahead of the game by obtaining context through Financial Transformers

In general, AI developers working in Deutsche Bank IT infrastructure will be able to build and run AI workflows on both on-premise data centers and Google Cloud powered by the NVIDIA AI Enterprise suite of software.


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