Nvdia offered Malaysians a glimpse into the possible future of gaming via their booths that was held at Comic Fiesta 2014 which happened just a few weeks ago.
Partnering with Alienware and Oculus Rift, the trio had offered a very small glimpse to the huge potential in the future of gaming for gamers and non-gamers alike throughout the nation. Oculus Rift with it’s Virtual Reality headset, Alienware with the newest refresh of their gaming desktop the Area 51, and Nvidia with their new line of Maxwell chipset graphic cards the GTX980 , and the GTX Titan Z.
The steady stream of people which stopped by were either hardcore gamers, tech enthusiasts or even just curious people just wondering what all the fuss is about. 
Alienware with it’s gaming desktop that had a innovatively designed form factor for maximum cooling efficiency, Oculus Rift offering a possible concept for the future of gaming and Nvidia with their massive graphic cards to power it all!
Nvidia also developed a new technology infused within their new line of graphic cards aptly named VR Direct to reduce the latency by half to ensure that Virtual Reality gaming can be enjoyed by everyone without ever feeling fuzzy, dizzy or disoriented as users of the Oculus Rift have shown in before this.
All this was presented in late 2014, and as they say with a new year comes a new beginning. Who knows what kind of new and innovative things that the tech industries will forth for gamers down the road as this year jumps off with a head start, only time will tell!