Noctua has released the new NA-FG1 fan grills that promise lower operation noise, higher airflow, and an easy toolless installation process.

Noctua NA FG1

Coming in 7 different sizes of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 92, 120, 140, and 200mm, the new fan grill aims to solve the common issue of high-pitched turbulence noises caused by conventional units with flat surfaces or sharp edges by utilizing an offset design with rounded struts for smoother overall airflow. Coming together with the box is a set of push pins that can be directly inserted without any extra tools. An additional 5mm offset can be adjusted to provide even lower influx turbulence if the user desires. According to internal tests, the noise levels can go as low as 0.6 dBA.

They also uploaded an official guide to help users discover how easy it is to just slap it into a rig.

Price and Availability

Available starting right now, you can find the Noctua NA-FG1 series of products on the official Amazon stores at the following price:

  • NA-FG1-4: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-5: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-6: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-7: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-8: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-9: EUR/USD 12.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-12: EUR/USD 14.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 24.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-14: EUR/USD 14.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 24.90 (Sx5)
  • NA-FG1-20: EUR/USD 19.90 (Sx2) / EUR/USD 29.90 (Sx5)

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