MSI today announces the “Streamer of Tomorrow” campaign, its latest collaboration with AMD, Cooler Master, HyperX, and Seagate on this coming August 2020 to showcase the benefits of building a streaming PC on MSI’s B550 platform.

According to MSI, there are plenty of benefits you can enjoy on the B550 platform and the three most pertinent ones which MSI aims to highlight on the campaign are:

  • Future Force: the ability to facilitate the most powerful and stable performance required to handle heavy multitasking like live-streaming.
  • Future-Proof: access to the latest connectivity interfaces like PCI-E 4.0slots and front-panel USB type-C support for seamless current and next-gen upgrades down the line.
  • Future Display: adopt the latest network standards like 2.5 Gigabit LAN and Wi-Fi 6 along with MSI software to ensure the best 4K streaming experience.

They’ve also invited 5 renowned live streamers, NMPLol, Pinda Panda, Orslok, NukemDukem, and UmiNoKaiju to join the Streamer of Tomorrow campaign to showcase a total of 5 recommended streaming PCs on their live stream respectively.

Every week, starting August, one streamer will complete an assigned challenge and introduce their AMD B550 streaming PC on their live stream. Fans across the world will be able to support their favorite streamer by voting for their PC, which earns them a chance to win that exact PC!

You can learn more about the Streamer of Tomorrow campaign at the following link:

MSI Streamer of Tomorrow Campaign


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