Micron has released the latest member of the Crucial family of memory products, the new Crucial DDR5 RAM.

Micron Crucial DDR5 RAM 2

From the looks of it, you may have already guessed it and yes, this is not your top-tier, premium class offerings that are capable of pushing the frequency game to the limit like the G.SKILL Trident Z5, and instead, a standard DDR5 module without any flashy shrouds and lightings. Geared towards literally any use case like businesses, learning, entertainment, and more due to its simplicity, its main purpose is to normalize the DDR5 platform as early as possible starting with the 12th Gen Intel Core CPU and its associated platform.

If you’re still not familiar with DDR5, the new memory generation is capable of providing more bandwidth and transfer speeds over DDR4 while consuming less energy thanks to moving the Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) from the motherboard directly onto the RAM modules to allow each module individually control the power rate of each IC chip, thus improving speeds, stability, and power consumption. Additionally, each IC chip has a basic ECC feature baked into each of them to further minimize the risk of bit flipping that causes data error to maximize system overall stability. And as the rule of incrementing generation, the RAM capacity of DDR5 is expected to reach 4x more than the limit of DDR4 so 256GB per stick is definitely achievable and actually expected by JEDEC, the guys behind the specifications of DDR5 and related technology.


The new Micron Crucial DDR5 memory products starting from 8GB and up to 32GB can be acquired from the official website, commercial resellers, and perhaps, down to the closest local shop near you. However, we still have no confirmed news for the arrival of them in Malaysia.


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