Logitech Malaysia has brought the POP Mouse and Keys bundle into Malaysia in which the keyboard is especially controversial due to its design.

Logitech POP Mouse Keys Bundle

With so many mechanical keyboards in the market right now, the POP Keys actually stands out from the rest already from its retro design of circular keycaps mimicking typewriters and specially made switches that are said to replicate the sound of actual typewriters. Available in the colors of DayDream (Mint, Vibrant Yellow, Lavender) and Blast (Black, Classic Yellow), the playful color scheme further amplifies the quirky hot-swappable Emoji Keys so that everyone can know about your current mood with a single press. The layout may already give out its dimension and yes it is quite small so that it can fit onto any setup with ease. As for the POP Mouse, the top mouse button also lets you access the Emoji panel in an instant or you can use it as a normal mouse with comfort as the SmartWheel roller lets you whizz through long pages in a single flick while the Quiet Touch face buttons actuate your input without making any noise. The mouse also works with multi-device connections that let you drag and drop files from different devices and OS seamlessly.

Logitech Studio Series Desk Mat

Going with the POP Keys and Mouse bundle is the associated Studio Series Desk Mat that comes in 3 colors of Lavender, Dark Rose and Mid Grey created to paint your workspace while protecting your desk. The surface is spill-resistant while the strong fabric wooled together forms a wrinkle and shrink-resisting material to make sure the desk mats last long and are easily cleaned. The fine weave also allows the mouse to glide seamlessly but don’t go and wobble your keyboard too much as it will slide around as well.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

On the other hand, Logitech also revealed the new MX Keys Mini keyboard which is literally a smaller version of the original MX Keys that is made for creators to pack more power into a minimalist board. Offering the same feature sets such as the standard-sized MX Keys where existing users will not need to adapt to new typing habits which are very nice and on top of that, 3 new functions has been added when using Logitech Options which are the Dictation Key, Mute/Unmute Microphone, and Emoji Key. With quick charge capability via USB-C, the MX Keys Mini can connect up to 3 wireless devices via BLE and across multiple OS of Windows, ChromeOS, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and more. Logitech also put in some environmental effort into the little board by incorporating up to 30% of Post Consumer Recycled plastic into its manufacturing process.

Pricing and Availability

Every Logitech product announced in this post is currently available for purchase in Malaysia at the following price:

  • Logitech POP Mouse – RM159
  • Logitech POP Keys – RM489
  • Logitech Studio Series Desk Mat – RM99
  • Logitech MX Keys Mini – RM489

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