LIAN LI has revealed a new PWM fan, the UNI FAN SL140, and a triple 8-pin connector for the GPU, the STRIMER PLUS TRIPLE.


The new UNI FAN SL140, as the name implies, is a 140mm PWM fan with high static pressure that also comes with ARGB LEDs. Packing with the same daisy-chaining system it can be installed as easily as other LIAN LI fans with performance ranging between 500 to 1500rpm that pushes 70.5CFM of airflow and 1.67mmH2O of air pressure at a maximum of only 30 decibels at full speed. With LIAN LI’s own software L-Connect, the fan’s speed and lighting effect can be controlled directly from the desktop application or designate to follow the motherboard’s RGB sync pattern. Oh, it comes in both black and white colors to match any rig with ease.


On the other side of things, the STRIMER PLUS lineup welcomes another new guy to the family which is the triplet 8pin power connector. Designed to power up the latest range of GPUs such as the GeForce RTX 3000 series, the STRIMER PLUS TRIPLE illuminates your rig through 7 colors and 18 light modes all controllable via the included controller or synchronized with the motherboard’s RGB software for unified effects.


The UNI FAN SL140 is priced at $69.99USD (~RM284.27) for 2 in a pack with the fan controller included or $29.99USD(~RM121.83) for only 1 and excluding the controller while the STRIMER PLUS TRIPLE is at $59.99USD(~RM243.66). Malaysian price is not yet available for now so we will keep you guys updated when it is out.

The rest of the information for both of them are down below.


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